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June 20, 2017 - Reflections, Tenderness

Growing older all she wanted was for me to go and see her
Death before she did was her only greatest fear
The week after next
Is what I replied in text
It’s sad how we speak of time as something we could just buy or borrow

Procrastination could be the quickest road to sorrow
But this thing called time we claim to know
Is much more than just a four letter word on a magazine cover

Time has the power to heal wounds no matter how deep
But leaves a scar, just like a photograph, a memory to keep
We make mistakes from which we learn

For its better to pursue than to forever yearn
Only time will give you wisdom with age
To know that in this game called Life, it was just a stage

It’s funny how a 10 year difference in the maturity of wine
Would earn more revenue and taste so fine
While a 10 minute delay in turning off the oven
Would turn a would class dish into food for the ravens

But that’s just time, no other common name for it
But life is a game you won’t lose, unless you forfeit
The greatest distance between two people is time

No physical distance would compare to a minute of airtime
The fact that time is precious
The more of it we give, the more we’re sharing treasures
And that’s the moment we realize
That even half across the world in a plane, you wouldn’t be worried that time too flies

Time is your worst enemy when you’re unprepared
But your greatest asset when you plan ahead
Like a glimpse of the future through the eyes of the present
Or that glint of light, when you’re panicking under the current

Well, at least you’re building your foundation on a vision foreseen
Than putting up a whole house in pitch darkness unaware of the scene

Time is a drug to this thing called Emotion
You keep her waiting too long now she’s causing commotion

Ask the couple that’d been hoping to last for years
How their exciting nights turned into nothing but a bed drenched in tears
The one thing we should strive to have is patience
But try explaining that to a man with a toothache at the back a queue full of patients

If only I had tapped the finish earlier by just one second
I wouldn’t have to be the one who came in second

So I’m going back to re-invest my time
Six hours a week wasn’t gonna make me a dime

The irony is in how we invest hours training for the sport
Just to cut the lap time two seconds short
Now that’s called passion
The one thing that time can’t take out of fashion


Written by The Dreamer | Gmail



Photo credits:
(1) Joanna Malinowska via Free Stocks (license)
(2) Elisha Terada via Stocksnap.io (license)

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