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God’s Sun In Its Final Glow
Come with me, As we watch, the final days My love to have a final say Close to me, as we watch the sun fall and break against the horizon Light breaks and [...]
If I Could Tell You Why
If I could tell you why, The sky is blue, And the trees are green, I would be able to tell, How much I love you, For you colour my world black and white, [...]
I see love; In your eyes, Your smile, Your tears, Your insecurities… I feel love; In your touch, Your hugs, Your kisses, Your bite… I hear [...]
I sat in my thoughts and watched, as you smiled, watched as the sparkle in your eyes, glowed into a beam of good vibes Watched as your time on God’s [...]
Beauty In The Struggle
Don’t look at me like we’re equal My life is a book of which I’m the only author No one else by my side, one book no sequel You don’t understand why I ask [...]
Will I Tell Her?
I love her face, eyes are no exception I love her smile, what a wonderful smile Her beautiful nose, well set on her face Oooooh, will I tell her, I love [...]
Ode to my Love (Third name and last name Acrostic)
Maybe you are doubting,maybe you are hurting Kiss me by the lips let me taste your pain Am all yours trust me you are the one I was made for Must we be [...]
The Untold Tale
The look … That look took … my breath away Felt like reading an irresistible romantic book But little did I know that it was a hook That would ultimately [...]
A golden smile… Can cool the mind for a while. It carries away… Any pain in night or day. It always brings light… Whenever put into the eyesight. It is the [...]
It Never Changed
The sun did not grow any cold It’s just that I realized which cloud to go under The fire and its unquenched flames blazed indiscriminately Yet all I felt [...]
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