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A New Light
You put your lips on mine, and I held my breath It’s like we tore a hole in space and time, and I was being sucked into a new world Then you lay on [...]
Thing is, I’d love to be your king Thing is, I’d love to hear you sing Thing is, you can be my Angel, And then I can watch you swing, your [...]
Will I Tell Her?
I love her face, eyes are no exception I love her smile, what a wonderful smile Her beautiful nose, well set on her face Oooooh, will I tell her, I love [...]
My Malkia
After our last meeting I saw the need to emphasize That you’re my perfect size I want to make you realize That you’re my dream woman. I’m [...]
My Heart awaits You
My heart awaits you Like a pendulum ready to let go, From a string Or a stone from a sling, Ready to swing. My heartbeat counts down, Waiting for that [...]
40 Days
My heart is heavy today It has nothing to do with the first day Her smile like my effort, Impressive Her hair dyed and buried the queens how majestic Her [...]
How? How will I make her understand That without her I can hardly stand… And that my love for her is countless, just like the sand…? How will I let her [...]
I Saw Her
I saw her, she wore a flamboyant dress… And right then I wanted nothing less… Than speaking to her. I saw her, she was cheering with a golden smile… And [...]
Sunny Days of Wonderland
My heart is set on the sunny days of wonderland The seemingly endless schedule of happy-go-lucky Days when my youthful laughter comes by Spells when the [...]
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