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I see love; In your eyes, Your smile, Your tears, Your insecurities… I feel love; In your touch, Your hugs, Your kisses, Your bite… I hear [...]
Thing is, I’d love to be your king Thing is, I’d love to hear you sing Thing is, you can be my Angel, And then I can watch you swing, your [...]
Love, a Lie
Long have I heard of it How have I yearned for it? But it never made sense It made life more tense Are you gonna help me get a title for this one? It made [...]
Do not fall in love with me
Do not fall in love with me my love. Do not want me. Just enjoy me. Don’t develop any feelings to own me. I am a passing wind. With me I bring rain, [...]
Love Like a White Dove of Peace
Love like a white dove of peace Igniting her feelings for an ailment of me Holding her around like a DNA helix Down the paths we walk and talk Play like [...]
Ode to my Love (Third name and last name Acrostic)
Maybe you are doubting,maybe you are hurting Kiss me by the lips let me taste your pain Am all yours trust me you are the one I was made for Must we be [...]
Yours Truly, Shadow (Part 2 – Midday and Afternoon)
Midday my young friend maybe you may not hear me But I am yours for months of Sundays Just because my friend Just because the light over your head makes [...]
Yours Truly, Shadow (Part 1 – Early Morning and Mid Morning)
Good morning infant friend maybe you may not hear me But am yours unto the ages of ages Just because my friend Just because it looks nice your kind Just [...]
Like Oscar Wilde
Like Oscar Wilde I can resist everything except temptation Love, the sweat, the moans, the passion She loves but she knows she is no good I love but my [...]
The Wisdom of the Sun (Part 1)
In a night where the sons of sons sat under the stars My father’s father told the sons of the wisdom of the sun The beauty of the world is beheld in who we [...]
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