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The Dusk of Dawn King 👑
The Dusk of Dawn King 👑! The dawn rays 🌙 oozed predictively, The array💫 of love shining suggestively, The bum 🤰🏻blew me away to the dusk of the day, [...]
Excuse me Light! Would you turn down the beam so that I can see my way in the dark? For your brightness is the last thing I need right now, See, I closed [...]
I Wish I Had Said
I wish I had said…, Your beauty is like light, And I am drawn to it, Flittering by its flame. I wish I had said, Your body is to die for, And I long to be [...]
Line between dark and light.
The last breath, The moment that I last saw death And it’s shadows of sorrow and depression, The darkness, that clouded my eyes in oppression, [...]
Bitter Sweet
The bite from a single apple, It was so sweet that my tongue did not notice The taste of a hard fall and excruciating pain from the top of that tree, Then [...]
A golden smile… Can cool the mind for a while. It carries away… Any pain in night or day. It always brings light… Whenever put into the eyesight. It is the [...]
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