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The yellow in my sun
The grilled nyama choma doesn’t excite me as much as she does It doesn’t give me the feel and satisfaction I get from hanging out with her The [...]
What would I accuse you of in a Court of Law?
Before the hearing of your case, I’d ask we do things differently First, you ought to stand guilty and prove yourself innocent You’d also need [...]
Who will tell her these words?
Who will tell her these words? That she’s more beautiful than the bougainvillea at the Chief’s camp She’s the sweetest part of my (sugar) [...]
What I feel for you
What I feel for you is love, love without limits Love that knows no horizon or beacons I adore your presence and almost worship you My love traverses all [...]
The Story of Your Eyes
My love, my sweetest flavor I saw you yesterday And I could see all was not right Your eyes told me a story; a sad story Hard as it had been, I stuck [...]
A Lover’s Lecture
Teach me how to love That I may swim in this pond That I may slumber and not wake up from it Read me the detailed manual So that I may know what to do When [...]
Tell Me How to Let Go
When I recall the happenings of that October night I cannot help but shed a tear Remembering how you tossed my world around It pained me, like taking [...]
At that moment I knew I had fallen in love
At that moment I knew I had fallen in love I was helpless to a point that I felt pity on myself Confused like rural chicken brought to Town Her aura, her [...]
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