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Take me Back
Take me back to the old paths when you loved the truth and hated a lie, when you called me princess deep from your heart, when I called you gift because I [...]
I loved Him Too
Hi Beautiful, how are you doing? It was him again, I could recognize the deep voice, The voice that sent chills down my spine whenever I heard it The words [...]
My Heart awaits You
My heart awaits you Like a pendulum ready to let go, From a string Or a stone from a sling, Ready to swing. My heartbeat counts down, Waiting for that [...]
Ode to my Love (First name and second name Acrostic)
Can you speak the language of love my love am lost Am all empty inside without you my heart is lost Remember the day you saw me and I Saw you Our lives now [...]
The Untold Tale
The look … That look took … my breath away Felt like reading an irresistible romantic book But little did I know that it was a hook That would ultimately [...]
Clutter in the Heart
There are places the mops, brooms & vacuum cleaners never get to There are heights that the drones don’t get past And there are depths that the [...]
To You
If my time stops and my heart drops, I wish you knew,that I sing for you, And I hope you hear me wishing we could be. If my tears dry,never again to cry, I [...]
Not Body But Heart
I would rather be sick in my body then i visit the doctor get medicine; injection eventually become better… My heart is aching tearing apart who can [...]
Queen of my Night
As you head to bed Fall asleep with your pretty smile Uncover your head and gaze into the empty darkness And see the ceiling gazing back Praying that that [...]
Hold my Hand
Lord, I come before your throne Ashamed of the sins I have committed I often doubt if I truly am your son I wonder how father and son could be of such [...]
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