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Words to Describe
I don’t know how to say this but you’re it A jigsaw puzzle in my heart where you fit Just know that Other girls be nickelodeon But you my Disney And this [...]
These times were so hard that he yearned death He wanted to disappear forever and be forgotten To end his suffering and be forever free He wanted it to be [...]
By The Sea
It’s been so long since she went off to sow And still his heart belongs to her Hoping against hope he still longs For her return even when it all [...]
If All That We Had Was Rain
If all that we had was rain What would we do The meanings in the weather But what does it mean for you All I’d ever yearn Sat by the steps With God [...]
Freedom in Prison
Under the four dark wall, He expected to suffocate, Instead he felt at peace, For the first time in 10 years, The scene of his wife soaking in blood, Was [...]
I won’t surrender
For a while my silence had been trampled upon, My best weapon had been stolen long ago, I dream no more, My visionary mind is no longer in my abode, I must [...]
Strung Stung
Though the flowers have escaped my sight Though the fruits have evaded my sleight And though the trees have derided my height In their hollow trunks Found [...]
The Heroine in a Citadel
You walk unnoticed through crowds of life hurdles 👢👢 Buckled with helmet 🤺 an architect of your own Queendom Doesn’t buckle under pressure or snap 🙅‍♀ With [...]
She’s Going To The USA
And yeah she’ll be going soon And this’ll be the final moon By which I have of you So let’s dance For the final day What will be worth [...]
Love is a junction Where we finally meet And in the end We go together Yeah, we go together Streaming merrily, A onerous flow Care little for Where [...]
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