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Rooted Friend
I wasn’t loved by many, but one, He never looked back. Loved by one, lied by many, In the quest for eternal peace, he still made me rest in my time of [...]
Wise Night
I was hurt, but never got a chance to laugh, I danced but never got a chance to learn, To learn the process of life, Like a snail I was, but never lost a [...]
Listen to the Rain
Just listen to the rain The drops are speaking The waters are dancing Sauntering to the channel Talking to the rocks down the stream It’s just the [...]
The Road Not Taken
You can become anything you want,so they said But before you dive into the ocean of the unknown consider first Core values strengthening your humanly [...]
A Lover’s Call
Where are you,my beloved?Are you in that little Paradise, watering the flowers who look upon you As infants look upon the breast of their mothers? Or are [...]
Just Listen
Take this moment in time to relax Quit brooding over life and its asks Pause from the seemingly unending tasks Life costs nothing;only death is the [...]
The Sidelines
It used to feel like taking the stairs up and up And never getting to the attic Trying this and that Yet knowing not the colour of sunshine For your [...]
She Makes Nice Potatoes
I need you… But she needs me too I’m a slave to my whim I cave every time And once I lead toward your door I’m deaf to all I’m [...]
It is a feeling of deep wanting for something that existed in the past. A memory so deep and sweet that every cell in your being craves to hold onto and [...]
I know both pleasure and pain But these are not the topmost things In the hierarchy of my priorities Control is what rides over them Ooh, wait that [...]
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