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Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Where do broken hearts go? Do they find their way home? Or forever wander in the past trying to pave new paths? Where do broken hearts go? when there’s no [...]
The Sponsor Epoch
Just sit and look at all that make up on her face, her beauty all made up you could even erase it. She says its a phase, that is her justification for this [...]
Lie to Me
Text a simple “hi, how are you?” Or even tell me how high you are! Or better still how low it left you, Baby lie, lie to me, say you are okay, you wont [...]
She Told Me to Tell You That
She told me to tell you that, She won’t fall, Because she’s afraid you won’t catch her. – She told me not to tell you that, She [...]
I see love; In your eyes, Your smile, Your tears, Your insecurities… I feel love; In your touch, Your hugs, Your kisses, Your bite… I hear [...]
Over the Hill
The grass is always greener on the other side On the other side of the hill, the worth of everything appears ten fold Over the hill, the crop comes across [...]
I sat in my thoughts and watched, as you smiled, watched as the sparkle in your eyes, glowed into a beam of good vibes Watched as your time on God’s [...]
The Lure of the Sun Set Rays!
The cool of an evening breeze, The trees dance in a slow jazz tune, In a coordinated move they swing, And our hearts join in the rhythm trail, Beautiful [...]
Take me Back
Take me back to the old paths when you loved the truth and hated a lie, when you called me princess deep from your heart, when I called you gift because I [...]
When the mask peels back and the true self reveals into a state of bare nakedness, I retreat into the dark shadows away from the lights, sights and a [...]
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