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Raw Feelings
These feelings, Feelings intoxicated with all of you, Feelings that capture me and won’t leave, Of what the mind can’t fully conceive, But still puts the [...]
I Wish I Had Said
I wish I had said…, Your beauty is like light, And I am drawn to it, Flittering by its flame. I wish I had said, Your body is to die for, And I long to be [...]
Chukua Panga Yako Ua Ukabila
Kenya has made me angry, Kenyans have made me sad, Sure you agree with me None of us chose to be Kenyan but I know you think it was a calling to be Kikuyu [...]
A New Light
You put your lips on mine, and I held my breath It’s like we tore a hole in space and time, and I was being sucked into a new world Then you lay on [...]
1st October
Roses are red Violets are blue Somebody please tell me what love is I just want the truth. Is it brain damage? am not sure I look into your eyes and there [...]
The veiled collateral Beauty!
From the twilight beyond the palm tree, In the cool of a solitude breeze, When I had just raised eyes above the book margin, Behold, the blue rays [...]
Falling in Love
Lovely stairs leads the way Slippery, but still goes in deeper Quick slide then a sweet fall Endless flight as we enjoy the thrust Dark it gets and scary [...]
When, we embraced, your hair, covered one side of my face. The other side, jealous, craved for that contact. That subtle silky soft touch. Next time, we [...]
I Stop Hating Myself
Sometimes I feel so down Worthless, a belt short of its buckle Sometimes I feel like a cheap spray Or perfume that smells like sweat I get to my knees but [...]
Larger than Life
However small it is It frightens a gloomy face No matter what brings it It fills the void in the soul Appearing at a memory And you brighten with life [...]
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