Words to Describe
I don’t know how to say this but you’re it A jigsaw puzzle in my heart where you fit Just know that Other girls be nickelodeon But you my Disney And this [...]
By The Sea
It’s been so long since she went off to sow And still his heart belongs to her Hoping against hope he still longs For her return even when it all [...]
If All That We Had Was Rain
If all that we had was rain What would we do The meanings in the weather But what does it mean for you All I’d ever yearn Sat by the steps With God [...]
Strung Stung
Though the flowers have escaped my sight Though the fruits have evaded my sleight And though the trees have derided my height In their hollow trunks Found [...]
She’s Going To The USA
And yeah she’ll be going soon And this’ll be the final moon By which I have of you So let’s dance For the final day What will be worth [...]
I’ve Got To
Gotta learn to love With my eyes closed Embrace the engulfing dark Heed to the tune of your heart Gotta learn to love With my eyes closed Excite, the sense [...]
Your Words…
Permission to speak boldly before your presence, Let my words teach you something, Just like the masonry at the construction site, so as your words build [...]
The earth has been cracked Inferno from thy depths cast I, framed a dissentious rouge That with rubbing the poor itch of my opinion Make myself a scab With [...]
Beyond Knowing
Your eyes, set upon the distance They set upon to ponder The day’s silence The mind’s loud How is it I draw your smile Upon your face To always [...]
Do you know Mariah???
I am looking for her, her name is Mariah She has the warmest smile, and eyes like fire Hair like the wind, and lips only I could wish to kiss So please if [...]
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