Moon Poem
What beauty and marvel is the night The moment in darkness that the stars are most bright They are dead yet seem so alive And in our beds our dreams begin [...]
Today my ideas felt lame so I decided to journey back to the day my intuition begged to feel unlonely but my mouth wouldn’t shout hey to the stranger [...]
Searching For A Song
Hype man bleating Through a rainy sky Randy symphonies: A youth’s anthem Assuring a busy night I can’t quite channel The sentiment Awaken, a [...]
How I Like my Apples
I would like my apples red Like those that fell on Newton’s head I am tired of having the Bible read While I can’t afford my daily bread [...]
I Wrote You As Love
I often like to know Maybe as much as you can give Then I’d like to fill the rest And she busies around my head As a dancer, as a muse This is the [...]
Seasonal Love
I want to fall in love in autumn When many are tired of summer I picture painting the world yellow Then brighten watching the wither Am ready to follow the [...]
Big Boys Dreams
With the eyes closed and mind wandering The dreams of yesterday spring and leap up Asking to be liberated from the cage of mediocrity For they were [...]
I am not perfect, Let the world not teach you this, For this word does not exist, But coined to be a way of success. Flaws are seen as weakness, Let not [...]
Rooted Friend
I wasn’t loved by many, but one, He never looked back. Loved by one, lied by many, In the quest for eternal peace, he still made me rest in my time of [...]
Wise Night
I was hurt, but never got a chance to laugh, I danced but never got a chance to learn, To learn the process of life, Like a snail I was, but never lost a [...]
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