Heartbeats and the Fear of Death
Life is so short But you wear trousers a blazer and a tie You make money and drive by Watch the news you are sad some random people died You are still too [...]
Excuse me Light! Would you turn down the beam so that I can see my way in the dark? For your brightness is the last thing I need right now, See, I closed [...]
The veiled collateral Beauty!
From the twilight beyond the palm tree, In the cool of a solitude breeze, When I had just raised eyes above the book margin, Behold, the blue rays [...]
I Stop Hating Myself
Sometimes I feel so down Worthless, a belt short of its buckle Sometimes I feel like a cheap spray Or perfume that smells like sweat I get to my knees but [...]
Larger than Life
However small it is It frightens a gloomy face No matter what brings it It fills the void in the soul Appearing at a memory And you brighten with life [...]
Snakes, in the midst of us. Snakes, on the other side, where green meets grass. Snakes, in abandoned caves, between lifeless stumps. Snakes, concealed in [...]
One road, two destinations. Two people, one moment. Eternity. She stared into his eyes and saw herself. All she was, and wasn’t. All she yearned for and [...]
The Sponsor Epoch
Just sit and look at all that make up on her face, her beauty all made up you could even erase it. She says its a phase, that is her justification for this [...]
Lie to Me
Text a simple “hi, how are you?” Or even tell me how high you are! Or better still how low it left you, Baby lie, lie to me, say you are okay, you wont [...]
Over the Hill
The grass is always greener on the other side On the other side of the hill, the worth of everything appears ten fold Over the hill, the crop comes across [...]
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