I owe it to God
My strength I owe it to God I rise above the waves Sail across the currents Weather the strongest storms My strength I owe it to God I sail straight to the [...]
Angel Dearer
Guardian Angel, Angel dearer Guide me always, draw me nearer Blow in me, a Spirit glowing Guardian Angel, Angel dearer Guard and protect me, Angel [...]
Take me Back
Take me back to the old paths when you loved the truth and hated a lie, when you called me princess deep from your heart, when I called you gift because I [...]
And to the God of my Mother
I remember when I was a child I prayed to my god to make teacher sick He replied and made teacher a doctor To cure my stupidity with knowledge and stick [...]
Alice Popkorn - Flickr - Happy ValentineĀ“s
Love is the oxygen of our souls
This love is the oxygen of our souls It is the v-power fuel to our engines It is the universal language that men speak It is the one thing that people with [...]
Godā€™s love
Verse 1 God loves me and you with an awesome, awesome love X2 He gave his own and only Son X2 Not to condemn me and you, harshly harshly X2 But so that we, [...]
The Cross
Beloved tree, the powerful bar Loved from ages, all generations Adored all times, adorable all seasons The loving friend, the blissful bar Beloved tree, [...]
The Concrete Plinth that I Stand on
In my days, I have heard of loud whispers and soft screams I have seen glum affluent men and happy poor souls My stomach long lost its appetite for ā€œgoodā€ [...]
Hold my Hand
Lord, I come before your throne Ashamed of the sins I have committed I often doubt if I truly am your son I wonder how father and son could be of such [...]
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