Heart matters

I mean
When I say you take me to the moon I mean with you a different set of rules take over Time passes fast My heartbeat races Just looking at your face When I [...]
I Wrote You As Love
I often like to know Maybe as much as you can give Then I’d like to fill the rest And she busies around my head As a dancer, as a muse This is the [...]
At the cornerstone, A sculpture was being formed, As my eyes gazed at the transformation, Her beautiful mind, lured me, Her atmosphere, welcomed me so [...]
A Lover’s Call
Where are you,my beloved?Are you in that little Paradise, watering the flowers who look upon you As infants look upon the breast of their mothers? Or are [...]
She Makes Nice Potatoes
I need you… But she needs me too I’m a slave to my whim I cave every time And once I lead toward your door I’m deaf to all I’m [...]
The Heroine in a Citadel
You walk unnoticed through crowds of life hurdles 👢👢 Buckled with helmet 🤺 an architect of your own Queendom Doesn’t buckle under pressure or snap 🙅‍♀ With [...]
She’s Going To The USA
And yeah she’ll be going soon And this’ll be the final moon By which I have of you So let’s dance For the final day What will be worth [...]
Love is a junction Where we finally meet And in the end We go together Yeah, we go together Streaming merrily, A onerous flow Care little for Where [...]
‘Cause it’s family!
A journey that has been adventurous 👣, A journey that is full of mysterious things A journey that we’ve walked through fire⚡ , A journey with [...]
Beyond Knowing
Your eyes, set upon the distance They set upon to ponder The day’s silence The mind’s loud How is it I draw your smile Upon your face To always [...]
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