And to the God of my Mother
I remember when I was a child I prayed to my god to make teacher sick He replied and made teacher a doctor To cure my stupidity with knowledge and stick [...]
It Never Changed
The sun did not grow any cold It’s just that I realized which cloud to go under The fire and its unquenched flames blazed indiscriminately Yet all I felt [...]
A Long Time Ago
As he slouched over the counter His demeanor betrayed him For he just looked as I did When he snatched her from me A long time ago. A long time ago it [...]
My beaming ray of sunshine
Where do you hire teachers who never went to Teacher Training Colleges (TTC) And expect them to do a good job? I know… From her village She taught me [...]
Tell Me How to Let Go
When I recall the happenings of that October night I cannot help but shed a tear Remembering how you tossed my world around It pained me, like taking [...]
Hold my Hand
Lord, I come before your throne Ashamed of the sins I have committed I often doubt if I truly am your son I wonder how father and son could be of such [...]
If you should wake up and find me not
If you should wake up and find me not Don’t cry, let not a tear drop Be happy, smile all you can Because I wouldn’t want to find you sad If you [...]
If we should part ways
If we should part ways Keep my words close to you heart Hold on to the few memories we had Remember the times I made you smile If we should part ways [...]
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