I Wrote You As Love

August 10, 2019 - Heart matters, Reflections
I Wrote You As Love

I often like to know
Maybe as much as you can give
Then I’d like to fill the rest
And she busies around my head

As a dancer, as a muse
This is the bed I made
I’m too eager to lay in the teeth
Tear me up to ugly bits

Desire, at the end of my road
With her face the season’s
Mode, along the maul
Couldn’t count my woolen mammals

Too busy writing days
Her face, I only pray
Moment to moment
As you waltz by

Blossoming colour
Along the hueless
Avenue that is my mind
With each step, with each spin

Those spots, those spurts of life
Like sweet aching along the mind
You only gave a seed
And then I built the rest

Have I gone further, than what was true
To mould my religion
With you in the middle
Was it fair to write you as sky

Would it be too easy to fail my eye
You can never fail my eye
That’s the lover’s lie
But that’s my only hope

And your burden, so sudden
Did I write a pensive rope
Each line, tense the noose
Does each line
Stress the air out your lung

Desperate shadows thrush
Against the sun
Betraying the calm of your charm
…..falling out my dream

Falling awake…..
…..Falling toward day
….for newfound faith to forsake…..

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