Big Boys Dreams

August 5, 2019 - Reflections
Big Boys Dreams

With the eyes closed and mind wandering
The dreams of yesterday spring and leap up
Asking to be liberated from the cage of mediocrity
For they were dissolving in the solvent of life
The drive to chase whisked away by the hurtling wind

Of big toys in the name of automobiles
And comely mansions and large country houses
The stretched fantacies of a big boy
Of arrestingly beautiful damsels
And popularity from one cell to another
The big boys dreams unleashed

With care tossed away and packed with energy
Oblivious of the fact that one day age will catch up
The depth of ambition rages
Chasing after the mirage of one day we’ll have enough
Enough to quench the taste buds that know no satisfaction

And in the fullness of time
It becomes clear
The vanity of big boys dreams
For good days are behind and the joy of life long gone
And the trenches oneself put themselves in is deep

Because when the true friends are nowhere
The tinge and sweetness of accomplishment is bitter
When the doctor’s report can only be read in confidential mode
The luxury that money can buy is insatiable
When God seems miles away, the heart knows no peace

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