The Sidelines

July 31, 2019 - In Love, Out of Love
The Sidelines

It used to feel like taking the stairs up and up
And never getting to the attic
Trying this and that
Yet knowing not the colour of sunshine
For your absence was a reminder of missing the morning train

Because when you’ve tasted the top layer
And you’ve chanced on a portion of pilau with lots of meat
It’s more like the first scoop of ice cream in summer
You have a clue of how happy a prince is on the day of his coronation
And you can tell what makes the bubble go up

Days without you are mashed up and blunt
It’s never the same being on the sidelines
When you’re tucked away
It feels like the skies are heavy and the clouds are grey
And my sunshine is on the other side

And when I see you, I sense the heavens are opening up
The flower is blooming
The dice are making a turn for a dozen moves
And the fairy days are upon me
For you awaken the sleeping happy nodes in me

I doubt not whether I am happier on this side
Because even the KG2 student can tell
That my eyes are bracketed with joy at the sight of you
My senses are charged
And my heart bordered by just enough warmth to keep a lad smiling

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