The Road Not Taken

July 31, 2019 - Reflections
The Road Not Taken

You can become anything you want,so they said
But before you dive into the ocean of the unknown consider first
Core values strengthening your humanly upbringing
The flaws that undermine your uniqueness as a person
Reflect!then reflect more on the image of self-awareness,Reflect!
Combine that with a daily dose of self-evaluation
Then you’ll be on your way to becoming a ‘healthy’ human being

However,it shouldn’t end there,Oh no! no! it shouldn’t
Armed with the knowledge of your pros and quos
Step into the path whose destination is self-discovery
Familiarise with the unfamiliar,know the unknown
Often it is the grassy route that’s left untaken by many

Be assertive and if need be,aggressive to the extreme
For it is better to burn away than fade into nothingness
Light the way and cast your shadow for others to emulate
Embrace the uncertainties,embrace them gracefully
For better rewards await the non-quitters at the end

By Rebel ThePoet | WordPress

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