She Makes Nice Potatoes

July 22, 2019 - Heart matters
She Makes Nice Potatoes

I need you…
But she needs me too

I’m a slave to my whim
I cave every time
And once I lead toward your door
I’m deaf to all I’m promised
Once you’re open
Grasp at my solace
I’m at the mercy of this moment

There’s that look in your eye
calling for answers
Calling for meaning
And it isn’t just you
That’s weighing while you lie on my chest
Beckon of the mind
Of all that I’m promised
Of all that’s beyond me
And hurries me through the door

I need you
But she needs me too

Mind’s charting on the distance
And you linger
Streaming, as she slightly runs her fingers
Face peers, emerging from the sheets
And I can’t quite hold the face
That greets the mind
Who’s my lover, and who’s the lie
Same as always
Can’t wait to see you tonight

I need you
But she needs me too

I’m beholden to history
Though what ties us is a mystery
Maybe what I court
Simply blurs the cord
And affectionate gestures…..
Treacherously generous
Just to hold you here
And then later to
Meet her with your embrace

Then alight, and head down home
I’d made sure to tuck the face
Any trace toward the stain
That couldn’t justify
That our truth’s been compromised
Couldn’t break the love held in your eyes
Back toward you while we lay
And her skin, calling to me
My love, bedside
Isn’t what calls to me
While she wraps, against my yearning shell
That calls me afar

I need you
But she needs me too

And by the end of it
I don’t know what to do
And when the sun
Doles out the unbearable burn
Which way will I turn
Which way will I run
Because I need you
(And you tell me that life is where we begun)
But she needs me too
(Though when the world ruptures, it’s home that I’ll run)

And there you are
Draped in loud, blue silk
Dulling the sound of sin
As I hang, along the threshold
Eyes are eager
Feet undecided
You reach here to meet me
And once you lead me
Through the other side
I’m not uncertain
While you bathe me in your silk
Bit of peace, while I live in your wave

And by the end of this road
For each light that we greet
…..We are damned….
….We are damned

By Samuel Koome

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