Just Listen

July 31, 2019 - Reflections
Just Listen

Take this moment in time to relax
Quit brooding over life and its asks
Pause from the seemingly unending tasks
Life costs nothing;only death is the inevitable tax
Nature speaks,and it tells us all something

That something came from nothing
And nothing excludes everything
For everything thereof is a thing

The wind whispers in our ears
It slows us down as it dries our tears
While we speed in the race to conquer our fears

Omnipresent,the sun will always be here
Its lights echoes hope for us to hear
To remind us that to us it is near

The vast waters of the ocean radiate magnificence
Home to humongous creatures of utmost significance
Its waves murmur at us with every chance

Whilst its awe keeps us in a trance
Birds of the air chirping away melodiously
Every tune soothing our souls deeply

Listen so you don’t do anything in a rush
Inspite of life’s trouble,try and keep it hush
You should instead nap and bathe in its lush

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