July 4, 2019 - Crestfallen, Reflections

These times were so hard that he yearned death
He wanted to disappear forever and be forgotten
To end his suffering and be forever free
He wanted it to be quick and painless

But the options he had didn’t provide that
He thought of hanging by the rope
But he would struggle for air
And he had struggled enough in his life

He wanted to mix poison with his wine
But that would take time
And he was no longer a patient man
He considered cutting his wrists

But that would be too much pain
And pain had become his daily bread
Pulling the trigger would be the best option
But he had no trigger to pull on

His body was tired enough
His heart had given up beating
And his mind had abandoned its functions
His soul felt trapped and was trying to run free

He had nothing left to live for
He was not afraid of hell
Because he had lived it here on earth
He was drowning in thoughts

And kept adding wine to his glass
Until his eyes shut.
He didn’t die, he got to live another day
The wine saved his life.

By Thandi Waweru

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