July 9, 2019 - Reflections

I know both pleasure and pain
But these are not the topmost things
In the hierarchy of my priorities
Control is what rides over them

Ooh, wait that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy life
That doesn’t mean I don’t go through low moments
That doesn’t mean I am a cynic who hate life
That doesn’t mean I don’t get into deep shit sometimes
That doesn’t mean I am always right
That doesn’t mean I am a sadist

It only means I see things coming before they do
It only means I don’t live at the mercy of circumstances
It only means circumstances exist at the mercy of my choices
It only means that whatever I have dominion over cant be accidental

Control is the greatest power I could ever master
With control I navigate life with a balance
Both without too much excitement in pleasure or too depressed in pain
With control it just doesn’t happen I make it happen


By Danson Maina | Phone

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