By The Sea

June 28, 2019 - Reflections, Tenderness
By The Sea

It’s been so long since she went off to sow
And still his heart belongs to her
Hoping against hope he still longs
For her return even when it all seems dim
So he lays there down by the wet sand

To the gods he prays and he begs
Yearning for her, for her embrace
As the waves crash between his legs

The upsurge caresses the sun-kissed skin
As the sun begins to set in the distance
The surf soothes his soul for a moment there
Wondrous of his love that is so persistent

But he loses all reason in the sea-spray
Cooling his thickness for the girl he craves
As the memory timbres through his body
Touched tenderly by the Ionian waves

He tilts his head back relishing in the breakers
And it sends him across the vastness in a whirl
Undulating at the cusp of the endless depths
Breathless in the swells that stroke his pearl

He calls her name at the water’s edge
Whispering to the ocean and the breeze
Return to me, he says over and over again
Penelope waits for Odysseus down by the sea

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