The Heroine in a Citadel

April 2, 2019 - Heart matters, Reflections
The Heroine in a Citadel

You walk unnoticed through crowds of life hurdles 👢👢
Buckled with helmet 🤺 an architect of your own Queendom
Doesn’t buckle under pressure or snap 🙅‍♀
With grit and tenacity, 💪 you keep putting cracks on those ceilings of your dreams , pushing boundaries and limits that befall you
Your Maturity and decency supersedes your age
Doesn’t stoop low when adversaries hit, you must have kept Michelle’s mantra:
when they go low, you go high
Strength to persevere, dust up and show up describes your persona
You doesn’t lash out when crisis hit or develop cold feet or thin skin, but as steady as a bear and measured as a lioness
You are a fighter and a dreamer, leaving something better for those who come behind you
Guided every day by love and drive to make life better for others
If a jewel stone, you’d be a Tanzanite, 1000 times rarer, harder and precious than diamond
In Acts, you’d be Tabitha who is raised from death because of her helping heart to the poor
In the Citadel of Susa you’d be Queen Esther, raising from dust to grace and using her crown for service to her people, saving them from Naaman’s wrath
On colonial times, you would be Mekatilili wa Meza, in Hollywood you would be the Wonder Woman, the super heroine or Lupita in black panther
But instead you’ve taken life at guard with full armour of Christ, your breastplate of righteousness has defended those who depend on you, your decency and dignity has kept you high when all around you goes low
You’ve lived life full of grace and resilience because you’ve held to him who never lets you down
As you turn another phenomenal phase of your life, may Gods unprecedented favor open doors of life for you, good health, love, peace and fulfillment of your dreams.


By Brighton Kithendu | Facebook | Twitter |

At the touch of love ?, everyone becomes a poet..✍


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