Your Words…

February 8, 2019 - Reflections, Tenderness
Your Words…

Permission to speak boldly before your presence,
Let my words teach you something,
Just like the masonry at the construction site, so as your words build you,
Just as the light directs the man, so as your words do,
Just as the courts reveal the truth, so as the words you speak,
Your words heal, your words strengthens,
Never doubt the power of your words, as your words speak open destinies of your life,
And as the innocent are released from slavery, so as your words you speak,
They contain the power that hides keys to your eternal blessings,
Their blades may be sharper, but not your words, as they are sharper like a double-edged sword,
So, let it be known to humankind, your tongue carries life or death.
So, let your words speak hope,
Let your words speak comfort,
Let your words speak peace,
But most of all let your words speak love.

By Charles Attika | Instagram | Email| Website

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