God’s Script

February 8, 2019 - Prayer, Reflections
God’s Script

Never scripted from this world,
From its way of life,
Never fitted to the script,
My character was not cool enough to handle the pleasures of this play,
So I let it slay

But fit I was in the shoes of the father,
My script was not of this world but from above,
Unique I was, was blessed to be fit in the play,
So my role was fit in the heavenly realms but denied in the earthly realm,

My heart sunk, but revived by the hand of God,
A change in the script made me realize,
My focus was heavenly, trustworthy
And above all else, righteously

So I left the world scene and joined the father,
Who welcomed me with an open heart and a party to dance to and home to all eternity,
So insanity of this world is not my home,
My pressures are no more my dictators but his eternal peace and love is,
No more scripts of the earth but scripts that come from the ever flowing river of Gods word.

By Charles Attika | Instagram | Email| Website

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