January 2, 2019 - Reflections, Tenderness

The earth has been cracked
Inferno from thy depths cast
I, framed a dissentious rouge
That with rubbing the poor itch of my opinion
Make myself a scab
With every minute you change your mind
And call him noble
Who is now your hate
Him vile, that was your garland
All to be on guard
To your supreme seen personality
I cling on to thee
Hold on to love i have for thee
Like a child clings on to her mother’s robes
Endlessly i prat on about thy beauty and grace
I honor thee, i respect thee
Sink knee to the earth for thee
But in the sense, this does not satisfy thee
Have i loved thee in the wrong sort?
Have i not showed thee thy path to my heart?
I have held thee in arms
As sound as when i wooed
In heart as merry
As when our intimate day was done
I have raised my eyes and exalted
Behold, look who’s yonder
Indeed the woman of my soul’s love
Her eerie perfection cast upon the river
Her smile illuminating to envy the rising sun
Her laugh lifting the heart
More than that of a chuckling new born baby
I will look upon none but thee
I will embrace none but thee
I will lock lips with none but thee
For i do love thee
And had my mind deceived me
We loved alike
Till i realized
The hands that embraced me
Did so only because mine arms reciprocated the gesture
And if pain, ego, or anger
Should keep me in an instant
From twining myself about thee
Thy love would strew
Then, about came another knight
That in those moments of raging storms
Cast upon the horizon a dazzling light of desire
Mistaken for the distant beacon of hope
Drew thee
Like a moth to a lamp
Or damned sailors to sirens
Thee misses him
Cannot wait to see him
The wound that scorches my heart
Is to know this is as true as the light of day
I, no longer
The winds are changing
The bitter chill from impending winter
Slices upon my cheeks
I desperately look upon thee
For one last ounce of hope
Hoping to meet thee in arms wide open
But alas!
Thee casts me away
To keep afloat
While i sink to the bottom
And there i remain, like a long lost shipwreck
With debris of past memories
Hovering lazily around me
As if taunting me
Thy hand dips in the water,as if to pull me out
And hope dulls in my frozen heart
But nay, they are just wishes
Of a fool in love
What now remains, a poor epitome
Of a man no longer existing
Away i say, away with this foolishness
Must i give my heart to be scythed
Nay, i shall go alone,like to a lonely dragon

One thought on “Be-hearted

August J

i love it, the flow the choice of words, everything is in place


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