This Man …

December 27, 2018 - Reflections
This Man …

You came to me like a whisper in the night,
Knowing not your purpose of your visit,
You lingered to my ear and called me Son,
Scared and delighted I stood by with amazement, and called you Dad.
It was a point of encounter that filled my soul with gratitude,
It was at this moment my time had come,
A time of need, a time for my soul to be renewed.
I never stuttered because I knew you as my father,
The great God who came to tend the sick souls of this earth,
I opened my heart to receive you, but you told me to be cool in spirit, as the spirit was shaky.
My heart stopped beating and my soul went to rest,
Little did I know, I received a refreshing soul and a contrite heart from you.
My garment transformed to be the brightest robe I have ever seen,
In addition, my Crown, Wow! Sparkled with Gold and silver,
And my ranks in the faith was lifted to be now called a Son of the most high,
The heir of his kingdom, and a Messenger of truth.
This man called Jesus showed me my eternity purpose of life, a potential to nurture on and a Talent to build on.
It was the greatest encounter of my life,
The greatest conversation of truth.
Oh how I long to see you again and hear your sweet voice of truth and grace.
This Man called Jesus….This Great Man called Elohim….satisfy my soul again, for the World to see your transformation of grace.


By Charles Attika | Instagram | Email| Website

One thought on “This Man …

John Kimani

Wow!! That is an Amazing piece of Art u got there! Keep the fire burning


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