God’s Queen

December 27, 2018 - Uncategorized
God’s Queen

Allow me to express this feeling,
Not of fear, but of gratitude,
Seeing this treasure, I cannot contain myself,
For she presents herself like an angel sent from above,
An instrument of a splendid woman,
A kiss that can turn your worries into morning glories,
So why not cherish her,
Because with such beauty, no one can contain her,
Even her mind is way beautiful than the Queen Esther,
Her level of maturity startled my purity,
Her smile breaks every shackles of fear and grinds the pieces into confidence,
My love for her was lost in the dark realm, but she still chose me, despite my flaws,
In my hopelessness, she still insists true love exists in the midst of us,
Every lie spilt on my garment, every venomous word that pierced my heart, she has cleansed it with her innocence and purity,
Who could create such beautiful mindful creature?
I knew the God of all creation could create such beauty, but to these queen, am in awe,
Therefore, to you my honey bun…..let your light shine brightest and never cease to stop your shine,
Let your mind be purified by the words of the maker,
Let your words trample down the worries of Men,
Moreover, let your mornings be marinated with Gods wisdom every morning,
Lots of love honey bun.

The UnSpoken Tongue…


By Charles Attika | Instagram | Email| Website


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