‘Cause it’s family!

November 4, 2018 - Heart matters, Reflections
‘Cause it’s family!

A journey that has been adventurous 👣,
A journey that is full of mysterious things
A journey that we’ve walked through fire⚡ ,
A journey with memorable songs, poems and hook ups 🤳,
A journey full of trials and tribulations,
A journey one isn’t afraid to walk for we got each other,
A journey shared with the only true definition of family,
The only journey one would wish to keep walking forever🌹.
I can only imagine what destination would be like without the journey,
Thank you for walking with me 👫
Thank you for being my best friend for the last one year🗓 ,
Thank you for being an inspiration ,source of directions➡ and guidance ,a support system and bearing with me in high and low moments …
you are a gift💌 I never want to loose ❤


By Cutie ft Bright | Facebook | Twitter |

At the touch of love ?, everyone becomes a poet..✍



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