My Lord My Redeemer

October 5, 2018 - Prayer, Reflections, Tenderness
My Lord My Redeemer

Lord, your love for me is immeasurable,
Your grace over my life is unexplainable,
Your faithfulness sustains my life,
Opening a new page in me day after day.

Everything declares your heavenly glory,
Thorough your marvelous creation,
The sun, stars and the sky,
All declare your holiness.

Your word is a bright lamp before me,
Guiding my footsteps through darkness,
Leading me away from loop holes,
From the traps of the Devil.

Let your glory be manifested in me,
Let your light shine in me,
Let your holiness run through me,
And let me be a blessing to others.

Your grace in me endures forever,
Your plans for my life are always the best,
Sanctify me through the renewal of my heart,
And make me holy and acceptable before thee.

By Mathias Oyuko | Email | | Twitter | | Instagram |

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