Lady Of September

October 5, 2018 - Heart matters, In Love, Tenderness
Lady Of September

Met my sun, it’s glare in a girl
The wonder took me of my words
And brought a bloom to usher spring
At the moment there was no name,stumped to merely still
I will myself from your scene, my thought an air of smoke, but in the haze you finally form, now my love has a face, can’t tell you though if it was made for me, I recall the star in her eye, the sparkle that beckoned forth, invoking a hope, and the rest of her gaze filled in black, I know it has more to tell, to meet you again, stranger what is your name: Diana as it’s unleashed in slights, it’s whisper as I recall laid up at night, I brave my doubt, hope you heard me out, a recoil, as to shy away, and she smiles, as to say, as to leave us in the middle…. Diana’s sun, a presence, semblance bask, them better days, I glimpsed a rise upon the horizon, illusory hope, again I’m treading against the slippery slope so, whenever,wherever I see you, lady of September, I can only hope your eyes kind as I remember.

By Samuel Koome

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