Beyond Knowing

October 19, 2018 - Heart matters, Reflections, Tenderness
Beyond Knowing

Your eyes, set upon the distance
They set upon to ponder
The day’s silence
The mind’s loud
How is it I draw your smile
Upon your face
To always doubt
It’s trace
How is it, that I draw your smile
Wall of questions, I’ll be here awhile
Does it imply the good in me
A kindest deed
Or is it my darkness that tempts
The mystery allures
Is to wonder your cure
Sure I love but mine is never enough
To fill your eyes, and set off its star
Love was never to be read, a cypher
Unanswered in my head
Love was never to be read, it’ll thin through
This cold weather, tell me why don’t you say
What I am from your sight
Or should I wear you
An aid for the flesh
Learning to wear my love
Pray don’t fray now
Learning to wear my love
To wear out my cold.

By Samuel Koome

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