October 15, 2018 - Heart matters, In Love, Reflections, Tenderness

The Beauty of your soul says it all,

Your soul is ever beautiful and pure,

Never rushed to be nurtured,

Your presence melts the hearts of many,

Because of your inner beauty.

Your beauty is sculptured and knitted by God,

In whom his heart is knitted with yours,

See how new characters and attitudes are manifesting, because of your inner beauty,

Indeed your beauty qualifies to be ranked as the riches in the heavenly realms,

For your beauty never fades away, but sustains,

You are such a beautiful soul to be seen by many.

Many have seen the outside, but I see the inside,

Moreover, I see a precious jewel of God,

Pampered and nourished under his presence,

Your inner beauty tells it all.

The world will see you unfit but God sees you fit and a delight woman, whose heart is beautiful and pure.

Wow! Indeed what a beauty.

By Charles Attika | WordPress Blog | Facebook

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