My Charm

March 21, 2018 - Heart matters, In Love, Tenderness
My Charm

The thought of you fills me with joy,
Your beautiful face radiates my day,
Your charming smile illuminates my life,
My dear queen, your beauty is all that I need.

Your words, full of love, just makes my day,
I can’t tell how irresistible you are,
That I always want to be with you,
My love, just the sight of you gives me pure joy.

That day on the front market,
Came to me by a friend,
To meet the need of a friend,
I found the need in my life.

Drowned by your words,
Full of life and joy,
Makes me enjoy silently,
And creep to you stealthily.

My joy and my laughter,
I will always love you,
From here to the moon and back,
Forever I’ll be yours,
Say forever you’ll be mine.

By Mathias Oyuko | Twitter | Phone Number | Facebook

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