Tell John Staples it’s not Suicide Letter; I just Suffer Bad Mental Health

February 11, 2018 - Reflections
Tell John Staples it’s not Suicide Letter; I just Suffer Bad Mental Health

I would love a life of death
I would like to slit my throat and kill myself
Take a razor and sharpen my neck
But I would not want that for you
Ye who lives with regret
I will reserve for you the boring death
With a bed, some family and a bad health
But for me it will be a glorious death
The world is my canvas it’s time to paint it Red
But first I must imagine of success
And money and fame
And when I still want to die maybe
I will get a hang of it just to have a clean casket instead

I have imagined of success
And John Staples my stranger friend
Living with a lot of pain regret and Jail
L.S.D,,cocaine ,cannabis just to take of the edge
Doing whatever it takes to stay just slightly insane
Unacceptable but do able levels of sane
Lost in his loss and some weird status updates
About the death of Ramone and why he wishes Dead
Donald trump and how orange hates black men
Legitimate reasons to book the cruel space
But Hang on John Life is a strong enough thread to kill you instead

I would still love a life of death
Even after a life of massive success
If life is a show I owe all a great bow off the stage
One drunken night to end all the absurd poems and complains
Finally, the meaning of life written on my grave
I am not dead till you forget in stone engrave
I am just done with this mess with less love than the hate
And more pains than the smile on my face
A healthy brain suffering bad mental health
Tell John Staples it’s not suicide if life will leave you dead
But he owes it to my memory to see it through to the end



Written by Sichach Moses | Instagram | Twitter| Website


Photo credits:
(1) Pixabay via pexels (license)
(2) Tookapic via pexels (license)
(3) Markus Spiske via pexels (license)



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