The Dusk of Dawn King ?

February 18, 2018 - Reflections
The Dusk of Dawn King ?

The Dusk of Dawn King ?!
The dawn rays ? oozed predictively,
The array? of love shining suggestively,
The bum ??blew me away to the dusk of the day,
Exploring a space for one last day,
Because the rainbow ? drew adios to pre-life ray

A glimpse of life on earth ? beneath,
Men who paint the canvas with their being?‍??‍??‍??‍?…
A destiny was placed on this new being,
A charge was made, “go reign ? and overcome ?the world,
See I have placed destiny and eternity in your hands,
before you, choices are laid ⚓️
so go chose life, that I guide?

Manuscript, I thought? would come.
Yet in trust?, I explore your just?

That euphorically phantasmal feeling…?
~That Sunday evening breeze,
the 6 PM grace, ushered the Long awaited Prince Champ…?‍?‍?.. ?‍♂️,
At that cool of the dusk, they screamed “Hurray ?! history has been made!

As years roll, you’ve held my hand, led my path, flamed ?my light, always brought me to light; won my fights ?
And fuelled me to flame the lights of the world,
Because on every dusk, peace abounds, blessings account, a dawn in readiness, another season in bountifulness,

Because it’s The Dusk of Dawn King ?!



By Brighton Kithendu | Facebook | Twitter |

At the touch of love ?, everyone becomes a poet..✍



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One of the best ever!!! I like it


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