February 22, 2018 - Reflections

Sometimes i wish i would wake up with amnesia
And expell all these feelings that get me into paranoia
Coz you are unforgettable
And this is so unbearable
Since u left I’ve been holding on to a memory
A memory I so much wish i could bury
Since u walked out the door
The fact that you ain’t mine anymore
You said I’ve changed
And you seemed so arranged
and that your so damn sick of me
Makes my heart wanna leap out of me

I need to let you go
To all we shared I need to throw
So yeah, I need to wake up with amnesia
To stop getting me in a state of paranoia
To think we could be
What I wished it would be
To anticipate something
That had always been nothing

Well maybe it was my fault
My expectations were more of Usain Bolt
If I would have sought this through
And looked at my chances through
I would have known I stand no chance
So am gonna dance
To my tune, and check and balance
And forget every dream where I had a chance
Or better yet with u, a dance
And let u go while I leave us behind
And move on without a single glance behind
To stop feeling heavy

This is why I need to wake up with amnesia
To expel the paranoia
Coz this feeling killing me; nostalgia
Giving me these pangs of hysteria

By Chantelle Kyendereta

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