Teenage love

January 7, 2018 - Heart matters
Teenage love

I saw her in primary reading a book of the Greeks with Hermes Poseidon and Zeus as their king and one of vampires roaming around in an academy. A shy boy I was and her a beauty oh so broad. 1 year ahead I was so I left my crush still ranging in the battlefield. We met again at a camp where she looked as beautiful as the stars above. But only 1 flaw there was she was dating my best friend Bernard. Days went by she’s looking better than the next then camp finally came to an end. I got her number and we texted for days on end. Her telling me about her relationships and how they cheated lied and broke the rules my dawg. Why would one want to throw away such a precious jewel for lost. Another year went by and 2017 it was. She came clean and confessed her feelings for me. How happy I was then I came across some thoughts. It was fear I was scared of loss thinking of what we would be after we end it all. That was the august holidays and it ended without a word of it at all. Then came December and I told her of what I feared the most. She told me don’t worry dear whatever happens we will stay friends for sure. I came fourth and poured all my feelings to her and her response was not as I had adjourned. She said when midnight strikes and we enter the new year ill tell you if we are to be or not to be. days passed and the time struck we became official and now she’s mine to love and that’s the story of a teenage love.

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