Sonnet 131

January 30, 2018 - Heart matters
Sonnet 131

Then your eye, was prophesy of the orient star
Leading me to eternities of unending glory
Then your visage its mightiest light from far
Enlightening my poor lines of your lovely story
Even sweet smokes of burning frankincense
Were your all time sweet-smelling perfume
If your hair was seen in the night’s presence
Then was heaven’s outer lining, darker fume
Then summer or winter your constant heating
Letting love’s boat on wavy floods to buoy
Than the joyous moments you always bring
Are a splendour to the poet, a poor baby boy

Then I may brag to men, I’ve tasted heaven
When in sweetest you, my heavenly haven

By Maangi Mongare | Instagram | Twitter



Photo credits:
(1) Kaboompics // Karolina via Pexels (license)

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