Sonnet 130, Poetry of Love

January 30, 2018 - Heart matters, Tenderness
Sonnet 130, Poetry of Love

Valentine of time, my valentine of all times
Pleasure among pleasures, love within love
You are the cost of my thousand rhymes
A poor poet as me, his old verses can have
For I’ve had you in life, once in life of a poet
Whose hand has been filled with constancy
Ecstasy of love melting icicles since we met
Flames of unending love and eternal fancy
That I got you, sweet love, I’m twice as sweet
Has made my dark embers to freshly glow
Now my glistering world would love repeat
To by my keen eyes, watch you sweetly grow

Like as to valentines, are counted hours, minutes
So does our eternal love’s heart: constantly beats

By Maangi Mongare | Instagram | Twitter



Photo credits:
(1) Skitterphoto via Pexels (license)

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