Heartbeats and the Fear of Death

January 17, 2018 - Crestfallen, Reflections
Heartbeats and the Fear of Death

Life is so short
But you wear trousers a blazer and a tie
You make money and drive by
Watch the news you are sad some random people died
You are still too important to die
You have a dream to keep you alive
And god to count you more breaths than time
Because those that died didn’t have your tie

4 billion years ago the world was made
not even a fraction ago and man was made
And now the world is a man made drain
The beauty and the pain
Global warming and a mattress
But still you cannot cure death

Through the generations alive
Billions have cried then died
To the future we all are dead
To your children they mourn at your grave
A skull on a flag a cemetery on a map
The beauty of death made art

I know its not normal to think about death
But death is normal even in perfect health
The truism that we all gonna die
And every birthday a countdown to the grave
Second by minute by inch till it’s six feet under their feet

It is sad to watch the world go by
Celebrating life just to forget we are dead
In a thousand years your life wont mean much
But thank God you got kids and the kids got kids
Because as long man still exists
We achieve a species dream
To die for man to keep living

Written by Sichach Moses | Instagram | Twitter | Website

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