Lost in the moment!

November 4, 2017 - Heart matters
Lost in the moment!

I wake up early in the morning, happy, sad that I am unsure of,
I ponder whether to take breakfast or go for a shower,
As I bathe my mind wonders what was that dream all about
I cannot put my hand on it but I know It had a deeper meaning
As i step out of the shower I realize I was lost in the moment!

Breakfast is served, a voice announces down below,
Its dear ol mother calling out to the family,
I rush downstairs sweet aroma in the air,
I take my cup of coffee an egg and a bun in hand
As i finish breakfast I wonder, truly whats in store for me today,
I have no clue…man am so lost in the moment!

I leave the house, heading into the abbyss not knowing where i am headed,
I stop at the gas stations count my pennies, i have enough for a quarter tank of fuel,
I drive around looking for something anything I just cant figure out what exactly,
I stop at an abandoned place collect my thoughts and try to process where to next,
Nothing comes to mind am just lost in the moment!

Lunchtime beckons am far from home, my tummy aches, am thirsty and hungry,
l stop by the supermarket grab a coke and a bun that should cater for my hunger,
I drive around and end up in a field overlooking a railway track in the middle of a wilderness,
I pick it as my spot to have my makesphift lunch and think of what lies on store for me,
As i watch the gazelles am left to wonder is this how one gets lost in the moment!

I was once in love, with a place of my own, happy and full of life,
Now am here back home, happy I am but one cannot compare,
Freedom, tranquility, sense of maturity and independence how I miss them,
It seems so long ago that I had all that and more, if only I could turn back the time,
I have no regret, i just wonder what if, how and why did I end up lost in the moment!

I broke someones heart, someone i really cared about, i still have no idea why,
Two years down the line am back where I was before a second broken heart in hand,
Love hasnt worked for me sometimes I just want to give up but everytym I think about it,
Am pulled back in the love triangle, I fall for someone else truly knowing how it will end,
I know am lying to myself but with both feet in I jump at the first opportunity,
Weeks turn into month as the love seems to fade, I find myself lost in the moment!

By Kabelo Wanderi


Photo credits:
(1) Fabrizio Verrecchia via Pexels (license)
(2) Negative Space via Pexels (license)

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