How it Feels

November 9, 2017 - Heart matters, Out of Love
How it Feels

A little bit of confusion
Mix that with uncertainty
Then mash it up with distance
Get the definition of the feeling

Unending reveries flashing daily
Ghosts screaming your name loud
Haunting images, scenes and memories
Your voice notes awakens the ghouls

Insanity now feels like normalcy
Halloween mind, if we can say so
That is the real feeling I have

The sight of your wet cheeks
Burns, spikes and hurts me inside
Hope you know I really like you
But I don’t know how to say it loud

I wish you could see that I love you
But I don’t know how to show love
I know you deserve much better

So babe, I can’t be the man for you
The one you can show your family to
Unless I am confirmed dead
Then you can go show them
And say I was somebody you knew

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Photo credits:
(1) Tookapic via Pexels (license)
(2) Bess Hamiti via Pexels (license)

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