Heal her broken heart!

November 4, 2017 - Crestfallen, Heart matters
Heal her broken heart!

Its 1am am feeling thirsty, thoughts in my head and I cannot sleep,
Its been 3 months but I finally made the initiative, it might have taken long,
But Lord am here, asking for forgiveness, understanding, compassion,
U left, u hurt me, Yes, Why are you here? I still love you and am sorry!

She starts crying, she is angry, hurting and I cant say or do anything right,
Nothing can make up for my actions, but I’ll try anywhere I owe it to her,
My heart is in pain and I need to make amends to heal her broken heart!

All this started on a cold Monday night, we were talking and all of a sudden,
A misunderstanding ensued, emotions ran the night until she stormed out,
I was left alone wondering why, how could I? I realized she was mad very,
I decided couch it is, wrong choice, that one error cost me everything,
I sit and stare at the abyss and wonder what, why did I not follow her,
If I did just that one thing I know I wouldn’t need to heal her broken heart!

Three months later! Are you serious time has gone so fast i cannot believe it,
We have been apart for so long, questions, images begin to flood in my mind,
Why, how, when did it reach this point, why did I allow myself to wait this long,
Did u even love her? i ask myself? If yes why did u go quiet for all this time,
Why did u leave without a notice of even a simple not stating your problems?
If at all there were any, its takes a single moment to lose everything I tell myself,
Here we are now, we’ve lost everything, am left trying to heal her broken heart!

Its Thursday afternoon, am headed to my sister’s place, family issues arose,
We have a chat, try and sort things out, after three hours we are nearly there,
We stop for awhile switch to matters of the heart, what happened to you n her?
I am caught unawares, I expected the question but not at the moment, I hesitate,
I stop and stare, recap the moment, when all was lost and am lost for words.
We had a misunderstanding, I ended up overreacting, now here we are, I reply,
I need good advice I miss my girl, help me get her back, I need her in my life!
I wish I had this vision of life without her, then I wouldn’t be trying to heal her broken heart!

By Kabelo Wanderi



Photo credits:
(1) Vic Tor via Pexels (license)
(2) Pixabay via Pexels (license)

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