Take Your Time …

October 28, 2017 - Heart matters, In Love, Out of Love
Take Your Time …

When you blame him for the cause,
That put your feelings at a loss…
Take your time.

When you feel you made a mistake,
And put your love at stake…
Take your time.

When you feel you are all alone,
Regretting all that is gone,
Trying to reach her on the phone,
Even when you think it’s wrong,
Just keep on going till you are gone,
So, take your time,
Because you’ll be putting yourself in a dance,
The push and pull with no tunes of romance
But steps of a failed second chance, so
Take your time,
Take your time

Even when he lied,
He’ll be by your side,
Take your time

So when you feel there’s a chance to make it right
To get over all this emotional fight,
Take your time

Even when your mind entices the heart in plight,
To gather those passionate moments back to sight,
My soul still does not have the might,
To get you back inside
So take your time…
…take your time…


Photo credits:
(1) Pixabay (license)

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Awesoooome piece!


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