I Wish I Had Said

October 27, 2017 - Heart matters
I Wish I Had Said

I wish I had said…,
Your beauty is like light,
And I am drawn to it,
Flittering by its flame.

I wish I had said,
Your body is to die for,
And I long to be martyred.

Yes, I wish I had said,
Your smile melts through,
My heart leaving only,
Your warmth oh! blow.

I wish I had said …,
Your translucent eyes,
Send your soul to my heart,
Forcing it to beat again.

Yes, that’s what I wish,
I wish I had said,
But, with confounded cowardice,
All I said was..,
Hello, with a smile,
And I passed you by.

By Nigel Jr | Instagram |

Photo credits:
(1) Pixabay (license)

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