1st October

October 1, 2017 - In Love
1st October

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Somebody please tell me what love is
I just want the truth.

Is it brain damage? am not sure
I look into your eyes and there goes my thoughts
Is it heart problems? maybe yea
You hold my hands and it beats like hell!
Or maybe it’s religion? I wouldn’t know
But that booty ‘though, Oh my God!

Tick Tock, that’s how many times I think about you
Forever, that’s how long I want to be around you
In your warm embrace I feel safe and sound
You make me smile and you make me laugh
But when you leave it’s like 2012
That just means I think my world would end.

Give me your love
Give me your heart
Give me your life
Give me you soul
The roses are red
And the violets are blue
I wish there was a course called…
“Baby I love you”

By Marco Lavi Lewo | Facebook |

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