The veiled collateral Beauty!

September 29, 2017 - Reflections
The veiled collateral Beauty!

From the twilight beyond the palm tree,
In the cool of a solitude breeze,
When I had just raised eyes above the book margin,
Behold, the blue rays illuminated the royal crown,
And the sip of the hot chocolate taste suddenly grown,
And my heart paced as you approached,
The slow wind blew your hair to an umbrella curvature,
The glory of Her majesty in a royal robe.

You had been there all the time,
You watched every episode of all unfolding tide,
You knew how close and high the ocean raged behind,
We couldn’t tell when it was time,
Because you too had a chapter to read as you write,
Yet we were the unveiled angels in each other’s side,
The mystery of Him who was there before the time,
He knew when to beautify and unveil right in time,

You wore the veil as you walked down the aisle,
As you took my hand, we dove into a mystery,
And I knew every long lost dream led me to where you are,
And you knew they were Northern stars,
Those who broke your heart over time,
Pointing you to your destiny with me,
As we knelt and whispered: God bless the broken road,
That led me/you straight to you/me.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;
To search out a matter is the glory of kings.
And here He made the sun, He made the moon,
To harmonize in perfect tune,
One Can’t move without the other ,
They just have to be together.
He must have heard every prayer I’ve been praying
Yes, He knew everything I would need.

We know we’re not the fairytale we dreamed we’d be.
The only way we’ll last forever is to be broken together.
And we will look through the beautiful scars of our past,
and take comfort on final product of the process,
how it all prepared us to the collateral beauty we now enjoy.
Never again will I search for a fake rainbows end,
Now that we’ve found the answer, our life is just starting to rhyme
I know our daughters will have a role model in you,
And our sons will know what to look for in a woman when they become of age.

When the years turn our romance dim and gray,
We shall still see the beauty in the tired wrinked of our faces,
and take comfort on the fact that we lived our purpose,
Raised generations of godly offsprings, who will impact the world more.
Help me God to love You more than I love her
Then I know I can love her more than anyone else
And bring her in Your presence every day
As you make us what You want us to be.

By Brighton Kithendu | Facebook | Twitter |

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet!


Photo credits:
(1) Pexels via Pixabay (license)

3 thoughts on “The veiled collateral Beauty!


Beautiful narration!

Rina Ndamu

This poem, ‘The veiled…’, has touched me beyond description, such a powerful mind, God has crafted such power in us!, just the beauty and depth of it just blows me away over and over, to just imagine, how God placed that in a human’s mind… We are indeed highly privileged and honored being built in His image. Makes me realize, striding in last or being last to sprint doesn’t mean you aren’t the best, considering we were last to be created, indeed the last shall be the first, the good Lord of the Impossible ?


Reading this article,’The veiled…’, time by time i get a new word like the (brocken road among other words )which have a deaper meaning, more deaper than they sound,Thanks to the Bright Brain behind it.
Such a Gem in Gods kingdom,its rare to get Men who know how to address women and moreso with a divine understanding .
I Will always read it everytime i need to be encouraged


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