Lie to Me

August 18, 2017 - Heart matters, Out of Love, Reflections
Lie to Me

Text a simple “hi, how are you?”
Or even tell me how high you are!
Or better still how low it left you,
Baby lie, lie to me,
say you are okay, you wont cry.
Though we both know we miss we.

I would deny, get busy,
Go eye for eye, take it easy,
But I got an eye for honesty,
And we do rely on modesty,
Promise me you are okay baby,
Even if you miss what used to be.

I never meant to break your heart,
Deep into pieces to cut,
And rude profanity to enact,
You I never wanted to hurt,
Just say you wont eat yourself fat,
I too miss what we had love..

Baby, remember that night,
Our lastest, the break up fight,
I wasn’t upset for not being right,
But mad for your anger I can’t reset,
Lie to me ’twasn’t your best flight,
Hun, make what we miss ur plight.

You were worried about Cynthia,
Being sincere I didn’t sin there,
I tried to make this thing clear,
But you still maintained that stare,
Baby just lie to me it was fair,
But on being fine, just don’t dare!

My night life, your mystery,
The knife that made us history,
The rife that ended our story,
My wild life love, your worry,
Baby lie to me you were happy!
You missing us gives me sleep honey.

Lie to me you are fine being alone,
Just don’t lie to me I wasn’t lone,
Baby say it can be undone,
Lie to me I can atone,
Tell me you still love me Hun,
Real eyes realize real lies !

Photo credits:
(1) Berns waelz via Pixabay (license)
(2) GDJ via Pixabay (license)

One thought on “Lie to Me


the tittle is captivating the ending i like especially the last two paragraphs.


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